La Scoica Ballroom Mamaia is an elegant venue dedicated to host the most important and special events of your life. The ballroom is located on the Siutghiol lakeshore in a breathtaking environment. La Scoica Ballroom Mamaia is always the preferred choose by those who want their ferry tail event to come true.

Our philosophy

The entire team from the La Scoica Ballroom Mamaia strives to make each event the most beautiful event in the world by creating a unique experience by offering top quality services, absolutely delicious dishes and a royal environment. Even though for some it may sound to ambitious, for us, creating the perfect event isn’t just a possible success, it’s a sure thing. We strive to have a continuous overall development, evolution and try to learn a little more from each one of our events. These will help us in the future to reach the highest standards in hosting the most amazing events. Thus, the La Scoica Ballroom staff will always add some salt and pepper, love and responsibility in everything that we do.


La Scoica Grand Ballroom Mamaia is one of the most exclusiv locations in Romania dedicated for festive events. The venue has a spectacular architectural design that has the shape of a ship and it also has the most luxurious touches for final details. La Scoica Grand Ballroom Mamaia offers a unique experience at its location. The ballroom has two levels and a maximum capacity of 800 people.

On the exterior, there are 15000 square meters of amazing sites that can add a special note to your event such as the artisanal waterfall, the torch lit entrance, the pool, the complex garden surrounding the entire resort and the lakeshore road. All of these together create a fairytale atmosphere that is incomparable in beauty with any other location in Romania.

The opportunity to personalize your event by choosing your desired lighting and decorations, by choosing your culinary dishes and table arrangement will lead to satisfying the heights desires. By choosing La Scoica Ballroom Mamaia, your dream can become a reality.


We offer first class facilities starting with an impressive architectural design, both interior and exterior. The La Scoica Ballroom Mamaia staff is totally dedicated to satisfying all your and your guests needs and always strive to reach the highest standards of hospitality. Our Food & Catering managers and our master chefs always serve the most delicious and innovative dishes. Our team flexibility and accurateness offers you the possibility to manage each detail of your event, start with the decoration and finishing with the menu, thus achieving the desired spectacular event.


The venue is composed of those levels.

  • Level 1 maximum capacity: 430 people
  • Level 1 dimensions: 860 square meter (41m x 21m)
  • Level 1 dance floor dimensions: 72 square meter (12m x 6m)
  • Level 2 maximim capacity: 370 people
  • Level 2 dimension: 560 m2 utili (41m x 21m)
  • Level 2 dance floor dimensions: 60 square meter (12m x 5m)

Table arangement

The table arrangement can vary depending on the number of guests and your personal requests. Together with our specialized team, you can establish a specific table arrangement that satisfies your personal needs as to create the perfect surrounding.